Batam Lucky Plaza Shopping Mobile Cheap Icons

If a walk to the neighbor country Singapore, there are areas that are not overlooked by tourists who stop there. That area Sim Lim Square and Funan The IT Mall. Similarly Jakarta, there are ITC Roxy is a paradise for those who want to spend on mobile phones.

How about Batam? Not to be outdone by the two cities above, Batam also has regional mobile shopping paradise. Regions that are Batam Lucky Plaza. Batam Lucky Plaza is known as the central icon variety of cell phone sales prices. Starting from the latest mobile phone to the former, can be found there.

Batam Lucky Plaza often dubbed as his Roxy Batam. But do not be surprised, if the prices of electronic goods, especially mobile phones in Batam Lucky Plaza is far cheaper than the Roxy in Jakarta.

Compare it, for mobile Blackberry 8320 Curve type. At Roxy, maybe the price could be translucent in skitar Rp4.000.000 numbers. But in Batam Lucky Plaza Rp2.100.000 market only. Price difference just fantastic.

Similarly, some cell phone with the standard models, such as the Nokia 1202. Prices in the BLP was not until Rp300.000, but at the Roxy can dibanderol Rp500.000 more.

So no wonder, if the fame of this place to penetrate down to the entire country. Not only young people with shimmering style course that used to come in Batam Lucky Plaza. Builders began vegetables, acting to the artist, guaranteed directly interested if the items are great with super cheap prices on display in the windows of Batam Lucky Plaza.

Understandably, this place provides a variety of mobile products varies. Both in terms of quality, brand and price. Starting from branded products to the phone prestigious China. Customers also come from various circles.

Not only cheap, Batam Lucky Plaza is also quite up to date in bringing the product in stock. Every new cell phone, Batam Lucky Plaza never miss to bring him. That is why Batam Lucky Plaza is always visited by buyers, especially for those who like to frequently change phone.


Anis said...

I reserved at Batam hotels and immediately on arrival whisked off to the mall. Did I enjoy shopping, mmmmmmm…