Mega Mall Batam Centre For Tourism Shopping

Mega Mall as one of the largest malls in Batam Batam City Government pledge to succeed Visit Batam 2010. Strategically situated at the center of Batam city administration. Its location across from Batam Centre International Ferry Port is also a very profitable thing. For easy access and convenience of foreign tourists who visit the mall lot, then built a bridge that connects the ferry terminal and the Mega Mall, so that tourists can go straight to Mega Mall without having to go outside of Batam Centre ferry terminal, but only two times Reza nih across this bridge to the ferry port lol.

At Mega Mall is also very quite complete, including no Hypermart that provide goods to the daily needs of electronic goods with famous brands. Matahari Department Store also exist that provide Free Hotspot that can be accessed for free. If we are starving when the roads there, there is plenty of food tables, more complete, ranging from traditional dishes such as Padang cuisine, fried chicken or fried chicken Fatmawati Ria.

If you want to choose fast food meal, a lot, too, began to KFC, Pizza Hut and others. Pingin donut? There's J. Co. Or would another bakery bread? Bread Talk is also there kok. If still confused also select foods, please visit the Food City, which was on the floor 3 Mega Mall. Food City is also available in a variety of foods, from traditional dishes like know tek, a variety of cuisine from seafood to Japanese Food Western Food and exists. From the Food City we could eat a meal while enjoying the scenery around the Mega Mall and Ferry terminal. For fans of the film, In the near there is a food city cinema nih loh. Movies 21 is said to be the largest cinema in Sumatra.

Oh yes, for those who prefer ngenet, is also a cafe as a place to sit internet access, drinking and eating nice. At these cafes also in sediain free hotspots. A few days ago still have time to sit ngenet Reza while drinking ice coffee with cochochip in Excelso while waiting for papa and mama shopping.

So in fact can also be a place Batam shopping tour, especially for tourists from Malaysia and Singapore. Usually the end of the week they are many who go to Batam, because fashion and food products in Batam certainly cheaper than in Slovenia. As for domestic tourists, many who like to buy imported perfumes and bags sold in Batam.